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About Liquid Flavoring


About Liquidflavoring

We hope you find flavor concentrates as fun as we do. At Liquidflavoring.com we strive to offer you the biggest selection of quality flavor concentrates all in one place. We take customer service very seriously, and we ship quick too. Our warehouse is located in Bethpage, NY where we personally inspect every order to ensure quality and accuracy.


Essence Liquid Flavoring

Essence flavors are our own Made-in-USA brand of flavor concentrate. We've chosen and mixed these flavors up according to customer recommendations and feedback, so think of Essence as America's flavor concentrate. Always high quality, always unique, and always in delicious! Click here to order!


LoRann Flavor Drops

Lorann's concentrated essential oils and flavorings have been an integral part of American candy making and baking for over 46 years - for both the professional and the "home chef". Unlike diluted grocery store extracts, LorAnn's Super Strength Flavorings, are specially formulated for optimal results in hard candies, chocolates, fudges, frostings, baking and specialty confections. Pre-packaged kits, candy making accessories and plenty of recipes make using these oils surprisingly easy at home. Click here to order!


Capella Flavor Drops

In 2005 The Capella Coffee Co. introduced their first coffee and tea flavoring drops. After a few years The Capella Coffee Co decided to expand on their flavor drop line and in 2008 they launched Capella Flavor Drops. Capella began developing delightful flavorings to be used in food and beverage items beyond just coffee and tea. Starting with just 6 flavors, Capella's mission was to provide the finest post brew flavorings for food and beverages, without any fats, calories or sweeteners. Since the first line of only 6 flavorings, the flavor drop demand caught rapid fire and now Capella offer over 50 unique delicious flavors. Today Capella continues to live up to their mission and customer demands by increasing their line of taste enhancing food and beverage flavors for low-calorie drinks and food creations! Click here to order!

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