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Add flavor concentrates to cakes, muffins, cookies, bread, or anything you can think of. Recipes that you already use can be transformed with just a few drops of whatever flavor you choose. Give your cookies a hint of coffee flavor, or your cake a tinge of strawberry!



Liquid flavor concentrates taste great, and a big part of taste is smell. All of our flavor concentrates have a pleasant aroma that matches their flavor. You'll find that each brand has a slightly different taste and smell, each unique in its own way.



Shake it up! Add a few drops to your water bottle and you can add a hint of mint, banana, apple, or whatever strikes your fancy! Keep a few flavors in the office to jazz up your water at work.



We've all tried flavored seltzer, and where do you think the flavoring comes from? Flavor concentrate drops of course! Our flavorings are better quality than the mass produced additives in typical seltzer, so you can enjoy your seltzer like never before. Buy the plain stuff and add your own!



Ecigarette refills come in many flavors, but many people are flavoring their E-cigs with flavor concentrates instead. Buy flavorless base like this one, and keep a few different flavor concentrates around to mix it up.


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