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I would give this site 5 starts their Customer Service is top notch!! The packaging is very well done to say the least I am very impressed.

5 MILLION STARS! i got my order today which was 4 bottles of juice and i have to say you get all those stars because ALL THE BOTTLES MATCH! same size shape and color cap! every other place i have gotten juice is always a mix matchof size and shape bottles and it drives me crazy with my OCD... oh yeah the juice is good too  lol

woo-hoo! I got my 1st eliquidplanet juices today !!

5 star quality in every way !!!
I ordered some RY4, which has that yummy flavor and all the elements I love about RY4.
I also got some Hazelnut. It's not very Hazelnutty. I have to admit that I'm a Hazelnut flavor addict, so I'm probably a little picky. I do sense a little Hazelnut in the aftertaste. But, what this flavor really reminds me of is the Blucig Classic Tobacco, which is fantastic, because I love that flavor!
I was bumming when I ran out of the Blu cartridges, and found out they don't sell their juices cartless. But bum no more, because the eliquidplanet Hazelnut is perfect... 
Finally, I'm so happy I found a quality supplier right next door! I believe in supporting local businesses, so eliquidplanet is now my #1 stop !

thanks eliquidplanet 


I should have done this last week! 5 stars easily. Would have given more if I could. The packaging for his liquids should be industry standards, hands down the best I've seen as far as child proofing, expiration date, safety warning, and still plenty of space to see through the bottle to see how quickly it's being used  I'm hooked on the RY4. I use the 16mg. My husband used the no nic and says it's full of flavor. Superior customer service.

Five enthusiastic stars. Great customer service, fast shipping, all that ... but man--this Essence liquid is AMAZING. I just ordered 3 bottles of the Cigar 1 (didn't know I liked tobacco flavors) after sampling some of JustJukie's. Would love to see some non-tobacco flavors in this line, too. There's something very special about this liquid. It's so clean. I'm having a hard time vaping anything else. And the vapor! Can't see my computer screen half the time!

5 stars for sure. One of the first vendors I found way back when. Had a terrible experience with my very first liquid and almost gave up on vaping. EliquidPlanet was a life saver and restored my faith in vaping. 

Plus, their variety of VG and PG seriously f*****g owns.

Fast shipping, no issues, excellent packaging and a tremendous product.

ELP-1 16mg (Vanilla Cigar)
ELP-2 16mg (Cherry Cigar)
These are fantastic juices. Huge amounts of vapor, good hit, feels like a 32mg juice.

I will be ordering more. Thanks again folks!

I started tonight with the Cigar-2 (Cherry) and thought "It doesn't get any better than this.."

Then I loaded up a PTB with Cigar-1 (Vanilla) - WOW!

This is the best vape I've had yet.

I received my first order from ELP yesterday (not a moment to soon as I had just started on my last original cart when the mail was delivered). Couldn't be happier with the shipping time, or the awesome customer service. I ordered the Fruit Sample Pack A (grape, pear, banana, kiwi, blueberry), a 10ml of Mad Bull (16mg), and a 10ml of Peanut Butter (16mg) (AMAZING!). They threw in a free 6ml of watermelon too! All of the flavors are delicious and I am very happy. A couple of the fruits are a little light on throat hit to me so I'll probably be ordering a full flavor tobacco to mix with some of them, or just getting a tasteless nicotine to cut them with.
Very happy with E-Liquid Planet!

I've been singing the praise of this juice line for a few weeks now. This review is right on. If you like tobacco flavors try the ELP-USA. But don't buy too much of it cuz if they run out I'm going to be VERY UPSET! Also, I too hope that they start selling 30ml bottles.

E Liquid Planet is awesome!

I have gone through a few of other suppliers with less than glowing results but I'm thinking E Liquid might be a keeper.
Placed my order late on a wednesday and by friday my package was waiting in my mail box..now thats fast shipping!
Ordered 4 flavours
Cotton Candy
and they all taste exactly like what the bottle says...Imagine my suprise when I started with Cotton candy and instead of plastic wtf is this?..I got little fluffy cotton candy clouds of goodness...

excellent all they way, thank you!

I wanted to give everyone a heads up here about the solarflare 2012 e-cig. I have tried a few other e-cigs of this style and this is honestly the best dse-103/supermini/peewee/npro/....etc style e-cig that I've tried. it is mine and my wifes primary e-cig. The reason for this is simple, the atomiser is truely superior to all of the other e-cigs that I've tried. If anyone is looking for this stlye e-cig, you should definitely check out the solarflare 2012 kit. This E-cig makes great vapor due to its high output atomiser. Alot of other e-cig kits like this don't come with this top notch atomiser which is essentially the heart of the e-cig.

If your out there thinking of buying an e-cig, check this one out first and maybe you can save yourself from making the same mistakes I made before I found this e-cig. I also reccomended the solarflare 2012 to a bunch of my friends who are just starting out with e-cigs and they all love it. Awesome vapor producer. 

Hey there,

Ordered late Wednesday night and wanted to try some different juices. Had some come in from other sources that were horrible though and wasn't getting my hopes up. Well, it's Saturday and they are here  Woohoo. Opened a few bottles and thank god..none of that perfumey burnt tire crap. 

Put in some 555 in a fresh cart on a 510. WoW, nice nutty tobacco flavor. Smooth pretty much descibes it. Really hard to say on throat hit with the 510 on manual passthrough. Can pretty make water have a throat hit. 

Tried some Hilton in a 901. Great mild tobacco flavor. 

Well, now to some fruits. Apple, I got 0 MG because I wanted to sit infront of the computer and vap alot. Did get some 36mg flavorless to add when needed though. It's a light sweet apple flavor and I'm enjoying it right now.

Have grape, mocha, blueberry and chocolate on my to due list  

Thanks guys, I have renewed confidence in trying different juices.

I ordered apple and mint 11mg from eliquidplanet.com on Tuesday, and recieved it today. 

Both flavours are amazing, and I couldn't be happier. I will definitely be ordering again soon, and can't wait to try all the flavours.